Our Services

Our school-related services include:

School Psychology

Our school psychologists work closely with the educational team. They administer cognitive, academic, social-emotional and neuropsych evaluations, and provide individual and group counseling.

Mental Health Counseling

The school-based mental health counselor addresses social emotional needs of students through counseling and team consultation.

Social Work

Social Workers help students function effectively, collaborate with parents, teachers and administrators, and help families navigate school and community resources.

Board Certified Behavior Analysis

A BCBA develops and monitors behavior support services to meet the needs of student with behavioral, social, and communication challenges. They consult with team members to ensure plans are met.


Our tutors work with students, consult with educational teams, and provide individual or group support to enhance academic success.

Executive Functioning Support

Students are provided with support to enhance their executive functioning skills. They will learn strategies in areas such as organization, planning, and time management.

LNA/LPN support

Our LNA/LPN’s understand their student’s unique medical needs and assist them throughout the day. They are able to provide additional academic support and access in the classroom.

Transition Coordinator

Transition coordinators collaborate with students, teachers, case managers, administrators, and community agencies to set up student work experiences programs and help to develop job skills for future success.

Life Skills Transition Coach

Life skills transition coaches offer support and independent living training to students with disabilities aged 18-21. The coaching includes assisting with providing access to the community and increasing vocational skills.